What is the best XBMC hardware that I found

Hello everybody,

OK, let’s start. My passion to the media centers began before a decade when we all started to move from watching our media from CD’s to digital files, and then the quality of the videos and the resolution began to become bigger and better, and i always wondered why can’t I watch my favourite content on my TV? until the XBMC released back in 2003.

What type of XBMC hardware I need?

XBMC hardware

The XBMC need good and solid XBMC hardware

When you want to play your content on your TV, you will need to connect your TV to XBMC hardware, and in the first time I have connected my old PC to my TV, and it was noisy and annoying, until the mini computers revolution started before two years. in the last two years I have tried a lot of XBMC hardware, and I have found the best XBMC hardware ever it is the CuBox.

For more details about the CuBox visit this website.

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